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"ALL" Birds are protected by the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981

Anyone breaking this act whether unintentional or intentional will be liable for prosecution, a fine or jail time.

It is important that you consult someone that understands "Birds" and their behavior and not a general "pest controller"



A bird infestation problem at your premises poses a number of serious problems, both to the structure of the building and to your business, customers, people, traffic and public access areas. A successful bird deterrent program requires timing, organization, persistence and diversity.
Suffolk Bird Control has experience of establishing professional, effective and sustainable bird control solutions for a wide range of clients.


Pairing for life, gulls are productive breeders with just two birds raising up to 30 chicks over a ten year period. Mating generally begins with the birds looking for nesting sites in February each year, usually ones they have used before especially if it was safe for them and productive, the actual breeding season runs from March to the end of July with a usual clutch of three eggs laid in April/early May. Traditional attempts to control urban gull populations have either been undesirable, unsuccessful or both.

The damage and distress they cause are highlighted daily on TV news stations with their aggression towards public, staff and customers of businesses around the Country.

They nest high and in large groups which become colony's if not controlled plus the damage they do to roof spaces can be very serious, blocking gullies and guttering causing flooding in buildings, damage to solar panels to mention a few.

Gulls can live for 30+ years, that's 30 years of breeding, 90 chicks per bird and not forgetting those chicks will breed on your roofs also, you then have a COLONY !!! 




We all know the problems associated with pigeons, disease carriers, they get into the tiniest crevice to nest and the guano they create can be a major health hazard as well as giving businesses that dirty image.

They can cause slip and trip hazards to pathing, walkways, stairs and fire escapes.


Bird droppings will cause damage to the structure of your buildings in a number of ways; they have an acidic content which can cause accelerated deterioration of stonework and corrosion of metals.

This can lead to flooding and water damage to property, corroded paintwork and masonry and in extreme circumstances, the weight of bird fouling can cause structural damage to roofs, chimneys or wall mounted machinery; such as air conditioning equipment or air intakes for machinery.

Droppings, nesting materials and feathers will block guttering, downpipes, vents and chimneys causing water damage, damage to machinery or ventilation and heating problems.

Unlike Gulls, pigeons breed all year round and are known as rats with wings for a very good reason.


Rooks and other pest species


We deal with all pest species of bird although some may need an individual or class licence from Natural England to move, sparrows etc



 ** You have the problem we have the solution ** 



Falcons & Hawks are a natural deterrent against pigeons and the largest of the Gulls.


These problem birds can be controlled by flying Birds of Prey on a regular basis along with egg and nest removal, they soon get the message that it's an unsafe environment to raise their family and will nest elsewhere.

We use all tools at our disposal to disrupt and disperse these problem birds which include:


  • Flying Hawks and Falcons around the site to deter roosting and nesting birds.
  • Nest and egg removal which in turn breaks the cycle of life.
  • Audio deterrents
  • Visual deterrents
  • Trapping (pigeons) we can remove very large amounts quickly using trapping methods.
  • Shooting (certain species)


We have several packages to suit your budget depending on whether it's a high, medium or a low-pressure site.
This form of bird control is natural, we are there to deter and no problem birds want to be around when there is a predator in the air, it does work if done correctly.


There are a lot of company's out there that will tell you that flying Birds of Prey alone will work, it will not unless they fly 24/7 and that is not practical or cost effective in most situations.
Private homes:
We receive a lot of calls around June/July of each year from private homes telling us they have problems with Gulls, unfortunately, they have young chicks at this time and they will be very aggressive towards the home-owners.
There is nothing we can do at this stage due to them being protected but we can come along from September - March and proof your roof etc for the following year and breeding season.


We are committed to solving your problem 100% ....... Call for FREE SURVEY TODAY.

"Sid" doing what he does best, Bird Control

We have/are currently doing work for following companies:

  • Aviva, Norwich
  • Great Yarmouth Caravans
  • MITIE Pest Control
  • ECOLAB Pest Control
  • Africa Alive, Kessingland
  • Aggreko, Great Yarmouth
  • Baker Oils, Great Yarmouth
  • Bury St Edmunds Council
  • Halliburton, Great Yarmouth
  • Lowestoft Law Courts
  • Car Shop, Norwich
  • Edmondson Electrical, Norwich & Lowestoft
  • M S Oakes, Oulton Broad
  • Norbert Dentressangle, Oulton Broad
  • XPO Logistics, Oulton Broad
  • Karpet Kingdom, Lowestoft
  • JME, Lowestoft
  • NHS Norwich
  • Adnams Brewery, Southwold
  • Bookers, Lowestoft
  • Bookers, Great Yarmouth
  • Royal British Legion, Cromer
  • Gardline Marine Sciences, Great Yarmouth
  • Saxon Packaging, Lowestoft
  • NHS Lowestoft
  • Haven/Warner Holidays, Norfolk
  • Norwich Research Park
  • Claxton Engineering, Great Yarmouth
  • Turners Transport, Norwich
  • DX Freight, Norwich
  • Smurfit Kappa Norwich & Lowestoft
  • Bourne Leisure Ltd


Photographs below of problem birds and solutions to control.



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