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Bird Proofing

We bird proof domestic and commercial properties.

Solar Panel Proofing, watch this short video to see why we only fit the Solar Guard proofing system.

Keeping unwanted problem birds out of areas they are not wanted is our speciality.


Birds can be a nuisance in many ways, noisy, aggressive and not to mention the mess they make.

We are experienced 100% bird specialists and can offer comprehensive, discreet and effective bird deterrent solutions.

We incorporate all deterrent systems at our disposal to rid you of your nuisance bird problems.

These include:


  • Falconry Response
  • Nest and Egg removal
  • Visual Deterrents - Laser, kites etc
  • Audio deterrents - Scarecrow Patrol systems, distress callers
  • Gull Spiking Systems
  • Pigeon Spikes
  • Bird Free Gel
  • Netting
  • Shooting
  • Trapping
  • Bird Post & Wire Systems
  • Solar Panel Proofing


Suffolk Bird Control can proof your building to exclude these pest birds 100%.


No more mess, no more slip hazards, no more noise, no more blocked gutters or gullies, no more aggression, no more problems.


We will come along and do a comprehensive survey of the problem area, we use state of the art Aerial Drones for those hard to reach areas and doing away with the need for expensive access equipment such as ladders, scaffolding or cherry pickers.

The customer can even observe and see live on screen pictures or video of the problems first hand from our ground-based monitor.


Because of the health and safety risks involved with the removal of bird nests, droppings and fouling only trained personnel using appropriate equipment and PPE should undertake these tasks.


Technicians hold:

  • IPAF (cherry picker/mewt licence)
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Working at Height Certificates
  • CAA "Permission for Commercial Operation" Drone Licence. PfCO and A2Cofc 
  • Member of the National Pest Technicians Association
  • Firearms Licence


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What our customer's say:


  • Many thanks Alec for the great job you did on bird proofing my solar panels. It is such a pleasure now not to be woken each morning with the pigeons cooing and the patio now stays poop free.

            Many thanks,

           Mr Hannan , Hopton on Sea 


  • Just wanted to say thank you to ‘Suffolk Bird Control’ for sorting out the birds that were nesting in our roof space and also perching on our TV aerial then pooing on the cars below. In addition, they took down an old radio aerial which was connected to the TV aerial and also resolved the issue we had with nesting wasps over our front door.

           Excellent service, highly recommended :-)


           Mr Baxter. Caister on Sea 


  • We had Alec come round as we had a problem with pigeons nesting under our solar panels. He put solar guard proofing all around the edge so they couldn't get underneath anymore. The proofing is not even visible from the street, no unsightly wire or mesh and all stainless steel so no rust.

           A great job and I would highly recommend 

        Paul Sharman, Lowestoft 

  • We became aware that feral pigeons were nesting and breeding under our solar panels. Quite apart from the mess they created their incessant cooing - especially in the early hours of the morning - really disturbed our sleep.

    Realising that the pigeons weren’t going away of their own accord we were recommended and called in Suffolk Bird Control Services.

    Alec Shearer came to survey the problem. He recommended that any nests should be removed and a permanent barrier of stainless steel spiked panels (solar guard) be fixed by adhesive to and right around the solar panel edges to prevent pigeons from getting under the panels again.
    Having been given the go-ahead, Alec duly undertook the job and completed it within a day.

    The result? A neat and unobtrusive solution, no pigeons nesting anywhere on our roof and, more importantly, no more interrupted sleep! 

    Thanks, Alec, for a job well done.

        Mike Forrest ,  Norwich

  • Alec has saved the day.... Over the last few years I have had an increasing gull problem, especially in Spring when the nesting starts. Alec has put up some deterrent on the apex of the roof and the chimneys pots. I am delighted with the work. There has been a marked reduction in the  number of gulls.  Alec’s service was efficient, friendly and good value for money. I would recommend his work to anyone. 


    Paul Luke, Southwold

  • We were having some work done on our gutters and were advised that there were pigeons nesting under our solar panels.  The pigeons had certainly become a noisy and messy problem.  I contacted Alec about installing pigeon protection and he moved quickly so that the protection could be installed before the scaffolding was removed.  Despite the very cold weather, he completed the work immediately.  We had puzzled pigeons on the roof for a day or two but the problem has almost completely gone away (2 weeks after installation) I can happily recommend Suffolk Bird Control Services.             

  • John Batch, Norwich

  • For some years I’d had an increasingly serious and dangerous situation with seagulls nesting on my house chimneys.  Prior to nesting, they marked their territory with excrement all over my property, and once the babies were born the gulls constantly intimidated and attacked me and my visitors, including my small granddaughter. Alec from Suffolk Bird Control has completely solved the problem – with consummate professionalism. Alec first undertook a thorough drone investigation and then gave me a clear quote for the job. On the day itself, he and the cherry-picker arrived on time. He carefully negotiated tight spaces and tall chimneys to fix edgings and a variety of caps and spikes – and the chimneys are now impressively bird-proof.
  • I’m extremely grateful to Alec and recommend him wholeheartedly for his friendliness and efficiency, and the quality of his work. 
  • Mark Prentice, Beccles
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