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Raptor Awards

Raptor Awards is about teaching people the right way to good bird husbandry and receiving a recognised award for reaching the standards required to keep & train Birds of Prey.


Everybody seems to do things differently in Falconry, it's a known fact, but there is a right way and I will explain the good and bad practices and reasons should you become a candidate.


Falconry is the ancient art of supplying food for the table and is still practiced today, working hand in hand with a wild yet trusting bird. It's that bond that we have with the birds, it takes time to achieve on both sides.


I find from experience that a series of modules work better than a crash course, there are plenty of people willing to put you through it quickly but crash courses don't work because there is so much to learn.

I teach modules and find that the vast amount of information is taken on-board and understood quicker.

I also require my candidates to create their own portfolio thereby understanding and reviewing it when necessary.


Modules range from:

  • Using Birds of Prey for Pest Control
  • Keeping Owls
  • Veterinary nurses (handling etc)
  • Keeping Birds of Prey
  • Flying & Hunting
  • Plus more to follow ..........


We are a registered Raptor Award Provider, Trainer & Assessor ** Suffolk Bird Control Services **



The FULL award is made up of 8 standards as follows.

  • C1 - C5 Keeping Birds of Prey


  • C6 - C8 Training Birds of Prey


Standard C1.


Bird of Prey accommodation and Equipment.

Duration: 1 Day


This standard teaches the skills & knowledge required to provide suitable facilities to house a single Bird of Prey.

Further specialist knowledge will be required where many Birds of Prey are kept in a collection.


Standard C2.


Feeding and Nutrition in Birds of Prey.

Duration: 1 Day


This standard teaches the skills & knowledge required to provide an appropriate, adequate and nutritious diet to Birds of Prey in captivity in order to promote health, longevity and well-being.


Standard C3.


Monitor and Maintain Health in Captive Birds of Prey.

Duration: 1 Day


This standard teaches the skills & knowledge required to monitor the health of captive Birds of Prey and to recognize when health and well-being are being compromised.


Standard C4.


Catching, Restraining and Moving a Bird of Prey.

Duration: 1 Day


This standard teaches the skills & knowledge required to safely catch, restrain and move a Bird of Prey.


Standard C5.


Keeping Birds of Prey-Legal Aspects and Animal Welfare Bodies.

Duration: 1 Day


This standard teaches key legislation regarding the legal position of Captive Birds of Prey. It highlights the principal legislation that indicates the knowledge that a Bird of Prey Keeper will need in order to remain compliant.


Standard C6.


Bird of Prey Species and Types and the Impact on their Training.

Duration: 1 day


This standard teaches the knowledge required to identify Birds of Prey species and types, methods of rearing and the impact that these factors can have on their training and management of Birds of Prey. The principal conservation concerns for certain species and related ethical considerations. In doing so, this standard also provides the underpinning knowledge that may be used to assist in choosing a suitable Bird of Prey to train for free flying.


Standard C7.


Furniture and Equipment for Handling Birds of Prey.

Duration: 1 Day


This standard describes the equipment, its proper fitting and use during the training of Birds of Prey and when allowing them to fly free.


Standard C8.


Initial Training, Manning and Weight Management.

Duration: 3 Days


This standard teaches the skills & knowledge required to train a previously untrained Bird of Prey free.

Level 3 - Professional Certificate in Avian Pest Control (Abatement) using Birds of Prey.



Want to get into Pest Control using Birds of Prey, this course will get you up to speed on everything you need to know. 

You choose either a morning or afternoon for each module to suit yourself, could be every week or maybe 1 a month.

You will need to create a portfolio and add to it after every visit/module, this gives you time to study and understand what was just taught and explained to you, I am always here should you need to ask a question.



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Alec Shearer     Assessor / Trainer for Raptor Awards.


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