Pigeon Problems

We all know the problems associated with pigeons, disease carriers, they get into the tiniest crevice to nest and the guano they create can be a major health hazard as well as giving businesses that dirty image.

Unlike Gulls, pigeons breed all year round and are known as rats with wings for very good reason.


Several options available:

  • Pigeon Control using Hawks-to deter
  • Trapping Program - remove large amounts quickly
  • Shooting Program
  • Proofing, netting, bird spikes, bird wire
  • Bird free gel
  • Cleaning
  • Removal of all waste
  • Solar Panel proofing
  • Birds in your loft, we can proof and stop these birds getting in


Cleaning up after these disease carriers is something we specialise in.


We can survey your site to see how bad it is and come up with a good and affordable plan of action.


We have the expertise to solve your problem quickly.


Got Bird related problems ?? no job to big.


Contact us today for a FREE SURVEY  07754126322


email: info@suffolkbirdcontrol.co.uk


Click here for:      Bird Proofing

Bird spikes installed on Solar Panels, contact us for a competitive quotation.


Prevents pigeons nesting under the panels leaving your roofs free from nesting material and debri and stops that annoying early wake up call ..

Do you have protected birds inside your buildings, we can catch and relocate them with the correct licence in place.


We Specialize in Bird Control 100%.

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