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Suffolk Bird Control Services consists of a strong team of committed, reliable and experienced birds that know their job.

Allow us to introduce them to you on this page.


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Male Gyr/Saker


A Gyr/Saker is a man made hybrid falcon by using artificial insemination, by crossing these two species of falcon, you end up with a big powerfull aggresive bird suitable for the work we ask of them.


Speciality: Corvids, Rooks, Crows, Jackdaw, Magpie, Jay





Female Gyr/Saker


Speciality: Gulls




Peregrine Tiercel


Peregrine Falcon's are the fastest thing with a heart-beat, capable of stooping from a great height at over 200mph.


Speciality: Corvids, game birds


Sadly passed away January 2016 RIP



Peregrine / Lanner


Peregrine Falcon's are the fastest thing with a heart-beat, Lanners are a small African Falcon that are very light & bouyant, a great Hybrid, my favourite.


Speciality: Great for inside large warehouses, pigeons, rooks etc




Female Harris Hawk


Harris Hawks originally come over from South America in the 1970's/1980's, they are one of the most popular Hawk's now used in falconry in the U.K.


Speciality:  Rabbit, pigeon, rook, game & gull if they are careless.



Female Harris Hawk


Speciality: Pigeons



Male Harris Hawk


Speciality: Pigeons, rabbit





Sadly killed while working, RIP little man



Male Harris Hawk


Speciality: Pigeons



Female Harris Hawk


Speciality: Pigeons, Gulls



Male Harris Hawk


Speciality: Pigeons

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