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My Friends

If you are out of our area and we can't help you, please find below a list of all my trusted friends in the Birds of Prey & Bird & Pest Control Industry.





UAV8 - Drone Training


Great bunch of lads and true professionals, all ex military pilots, if your looking at moving up to a professional drone operator then these are your boys to put you through for your PfCO licence.

Richard Cookson - Lancashire Bird Control


Good friend and good Bird Control Falconer, also holds the CAA drone licence PfCO

Peter Bush - BPM Bird and Pest


Good friend and ex collegue, good all round professional Pest Controller. (Hertfordshire and North London)

Kevin McMillan - Hooded Talons


Very good falconer, friend and falconry furniture maker, highly recommend Kevin for Bird & Pest Control in Cornwall.

Sharon Bindon - Ancient Art Falconry


Very good friend and Falconer Sharon has a terrific team of birds and the skills & knowledge to educate you in the noble art of Falconry.

Sharon is based in beautiful Cornwall and I highly recommend her.

Sandra Dalzell - Happisburgh Owls


Sandra is my partner and runs this non profit making small business. A friendly, welcoming and calm place to visit on your own or with your family. Come in and see a variety of owls, some you will recognise and some you may not. They are all friendly and will be very happy to see you!

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