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"ALL" Birds are protected by the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981


Anyone breaking this act whether unintentional or intentional will be liable for procecution, a fine or jail time.


It is important that you consult someone that understands "Birds" and their behavour and not a general "pest controller"


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Pairing for life, gulls are productive breeders with just two birds raising up to 30 chicks over a ten year period. Mating generally begins with the birds looking for nesting sites in February each year, usually ones they have used before if it was safe for them and productive, the actual breeding season runs from March to the end of July with a usual clutch of three eggs laid in April/early May. Traditional attempts to control urban gull populations have either been undesirable, unsuccessful or both. Gulls easily become accustomed to frightening devices such as electronic bird ‘scarers’ which play distress calls of predators, and they can ignore spikes designed to prevent landing. The plastic owls and falcons you see have no affect at all and were infact invented by the shooting people to attract rooks and alike.



"Live Predatory Response along with proofing"


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Falcons & Hawks are natural deterents against pigeons and the largest of the Gulls.


These problem birds can be controlled by flying Birds of Prey on a regular basis along with egg and nest removal, they soon get the message that it's an unsafe environment to raise their family and will go and nest else-where.
We have several packages to suit your budget depending on whether it's a high, medium or low pressure site.
This form of bird control is natural, we are there to deter and no problem birds want to be around when there is a predator in the air, it does work if done correctly.
I have been in the Bird of Prey industry for 40+ years and more and more companies like to give out a natural humane image of prevention.
Private homes:
I receive a lot of calls around June/July of each year from private homes telling me they have problems with Gulls, unfortunately they have young chicks at this time and they will be very aggresive towards the home-owner's.
There is nothing I can do at this stage due to them being protected but we can come along from September - March and proof your roof etc for the following year and breeding season.


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Solar Panel Proofing against pigeons, contact us for a quotation.


We have/are currently doing work for following companies:

  • Aviva, Norwich
  • Godolphin’s, Newmarket
  • D.S Smith, Newmarket
  • Great Yarmouth Caravans
  • MITIE Pest Control
  • ECOLAB Pest Control
  • Veolia, Nationwide
  • Sita UK, Nationwide
  • Biffa UK, Nationwide
  • Africa Alive, Kessingland
  • Aggreko, Great Yarmouth
  • Baker Oils, Great Yarmouth
  • Bury St Edmunds Council
  • Halliburton, Great Yarmouth
  • Lowestoft Law Courts
  • Car Shop, Norwich
  • Edmondson Electrical, Norwich & Lowestoft
  • Hemisphere Freight, Ipswich
  • Silver Spoon, Bury St Edmunds
  • M S Oakes, Oulton Broad
  • Norbert Dentressangle, Oulton Broad
  • Karpet Kingdom, Lowestoft
  • JME, Lowestoft
  • NHS Norwich
  • Adnams Brewery, Southwold
  • Bookers, Lowestoft
  • Bookers, Great Yarmouth
  • Royal British Legion, Cromer
  • Gardline Marine Sciences, Great Yarmouth
  • Saxon Packaging, Lowestoft
  • NHS Lowestoft
  • Haven Holidays, Norfolk
  • Norwich Research Park


Photographs below of problem birds and solutions to control.


Starlings can create so much guano overnight due to the fact that they roost in very large numbers, sometimes in their thousands.


They will roost in the same place nightly and the mess beneath them is thick.


There is an answer and it's a natural one, "Live Predatory Response" and proofing.


If you have a problem with any pest species of bird we can help .....


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