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Aerial Photography Services  -  FALCON Eye Photography

FALCON Eye use Professional state of the art drones or UAVs.


We started using unmanned aerial vehicles many years ago as a safe and cost-effective way of doing roof survey's looking for Gull & Pigeon nests.


Using modern drone technology provides our clients with unrivalled benefits in terms of quality of the inspection, cost reduction and instant reporting giving the ability to recommend solutions in real-time.

The client or representative can also be present when the drone is in the air and viewing all footage live from our ground-based monitor. We can fly to a maximum 400ft AGL.

There is no need for expensive scaffolding, ladders or cherry pickers.


Using modern drone technology we can also be available for any aerial shots or video such as the following:

  • Estate Agents or Private House Photoshoots inc video.
  • Building Inspection.
  • Roof Surveys.
  • Large Chimney Surveys.
  • Land Surveys.
  • Site Surveys.
  • Landscape Gardener's.
  • Surveillance/Security
  • Building Planners.
  • Railway Infrastructure.
  • Construction Sites.
  • Time-Lapse Photography.
  • Inside Warehouses.
  • Let us quote you for that special picture or video.
  • Affordable Aerial Photography in 4k


Our pilots hold the CAA licence  PfCO  "Permission for Commercial Operation" this ensures Competence & Professional Airmanship. (It is illegal to employ someone without this licence.)

Also the new A2 Cofc Remote Pilot Certificate of Competence.


Risk Assessments are done and Full Public Liability Insurance held.


We have been using Professional DJI Phantom series and Mavic Air 2 drones now for many years.

These are state of the art aerial vehicles that have amazing capabilities plus video and photographic material shot in HD 4K.


Aerial Photography has many uses, if we can be of assistance to get you that special photograph or video, please get in touch.

We hold permissions from the CAA  (Civil Aircraft Authority).






The video above highlights the areas that need proofing to prevent these problem birds landing/roosting/nesting.

Concerns that the Rooks/Jackdaws were nesting and causing damage to the roof space were forgotton about after this aerial survey.

To do this the old fashioned way would have taken much time & lots of money !


We are moving with the times and have invested time and money into the aerial photography business.

If you need aerial photographs or video footage in HD 4k please get in touch.



Civil Aviation Authority 

"Permission for Commercial Operation" held PfCO and the new A2 CofC Certificate of Competence.


It is illegal to employ anyone without these licences.

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